The Netherese proudly trace their ancestry back to ancient Netheril, though in truth their culture is the product of many influences. The ruling upper class consists primarily of Shadovar, descendants of the Netherese who spent centuries in exile in the Shadowfell.

The middle classes include the commingled human descendants of Bedine nomads, Tunlar savages, tribesfolk of the Ride, and those not of Netherese stock.

The lower classes consist of krinths (humanoids descended from mixtures of humans and shadow demons) and asabis (lizardfolk who favor hot, dry climates and cool, subterranean caverns).

The Netherese are proud of their accomplishments and feel that they are gradually reclaiming the land that was stolen from their ancestors. They have little sympathy for the savage tribes that overran their ancestral lands, and fear that those tribes seek to bring Netheril low again.

The Netherese view Sembians with a measure of disdain, eyeing their commercial inclinations with suspicion but acknowledging their contributions to the Empire of Netheril.

Elves and humans in Luruar, Evereska, Cormyr, and Myth Drannor are viewed with great distrust, if not outright hostility.


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